Places Which You Should Definitely Travel Before You Die

Traveling today has become the most favorite pass time for a large number of people today. There has been a whole class of people which is filled with travel enthusiasts who tend to explore various destinations.

So being a travel enthusiast it is a must that you should be aware of places and cities which are worth traveling.

Here are some places in the world which you should travel before you die.

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto was the imperial capital of Japan for around 1000 years. This ancient city of Japan caters some royal historical remains in sites such as Kyoto Gosho palace. Places such as the year-old Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto appeal to the luxury travelers with its private Zen gardens which overlook the Kamogawa River. Your trip to Kyoto is considered to be incomplete if you do not visit the incredible Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, there are almost 2000 temples and shrines scattered in the city. But a lot of locals recommend visiting Sanjusangendo which houses 1,001 statues of the god Kannon, which is craved fro cypress in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Lambeth, London

If you want to experience real London then this is the place which you must definitely visit. Lambeth is a district in Central London. Now it has become one of the most visited cities in Central London. Crystal Palace, historical Lambeth’s Murals, Stockwell Bus Garage and the Old Post Office Bakery are some of the iconic attractions of Lambeth.

All these cities which are mentioned consist some very spectacular places which are worth paying a visit.

Poetry Nights In London: Yes, They Do Exist

When the word poetry comes across many of us would start having a headache as for a lot of people, reciting poetry has been a very boring task. People usually run away in the name of poetry and keep a distance from it, but now the dimensions of poetry have changed.

Poetry nights today are not as what it used to be, it has now become more musical and noisy. The poetry world in London town has changed a lot and it has become alive and screaming. Recently a lot of places were discovered in London with an immensely outstanding and rocking poetry nights.

So we have collected a list of some very trending and out of this world destination where you will some very exciting and interesting poetry nights.

Book Slam

Book Slam was London’s first literary nightclub featuring all the top writers and some very fine live music. Book Slam has had a huge list of guest and visitors, which includes some iconic names such as Sam Smith, Hanif Kureishi, Dave Eggers, Adele, Nick Hornby, Kate Nash and many more.

Hammer and Tongue

Hammer and Tongue every year slam a year-round program of poetry which consists of touring guest artist from all around the world. The events take place on every first Tuesday of every month. The Sunday Times has quoted that “ The best live poetry is to be found at the Hammer & Tongue slams”.

 Bang Said The Gun.

Bang Said The Gun

This is a poetry event for those people who do not like poetry.

“Emphasis on audience participation and having a damn good time has earned a stellar reputation as one of the liveliest, loudest and most raucous poetry gatherings in the country” – says The Londonist about Bang Said The Gun.

Now let’s see what Popshot Magazine has to say about Bang Said The Gun:

“Comprehensively the best poetry gig I have ever been to… The finest portrayal of how performance poetry should be…”

Poetry Unplugged

It is one of the premier open mic sessions in London, where young people who must have never read a poem in public can give it a try here. Just not that at Poetry Unplugged experienced poets can get out of their regular habits and try out something new.

Chill Pill

Chill Pill is a laid back night club where aspiring and upcoming poets and share the stage with some of the finest poets in the UK. Chill Pill is curated by Mr Gee, Raymond Antrobus, Deanna Rodger, Simon Mole and Adam Kammerling.

Eye-Catching Attractions Of Lambeth

Lambeth has been a very reputed iconic place in the UK and it is located in the London Borough of Lambeth. With time Lambeth has become one of the most visited cities in the central London as it consists of many iconic attractions which attract many tourists.

So let’s take a ride and find out something about the most attractive places that are located in the heart of Lambeth.

Historical Lambeth’s Murals


The town of Lambeth is full of artistic and historical murals which depict the political and social history of the place. London Mural Preservation Society has taken up the initiative to preserve all these historical murals of Lambeth. Nuclear Dawn and Stockwell Memorial Mural are some of the famous murals of Lambeth which one must definitely have a look.

Stockwell Bus Garage

If you are an architectural lover then you must pay a visit to the Stockwell Bus Garage. It has been among the most iconic monuments of Lambeth due to its structural design and whale- backed ribbed roof covering 73,350 sq feet which is the largest unsupported area in Europe. Stockwell Bus Garage is one of the oldest standing monuments in the UK aging over 60 years.

Streatham High Road

Streatham High Road was once voted as one of the worst streets of Britain. Today it has become one of the most popular streets in the UK. Streatham High Road consists of some very popular coffee shops, delis and gastropubs which are frequently visited by iconic stars like Chuka Umunna.

The Old Post Office Bakery

If you are a fan of delicious bread, then The Old Post Office Bakery can prove to be like a heaven for you. The Old Post Office Bakery has been the over in Lambeth for a very long time and it has been attracting foodies towards it from all over the world.

Garden Museum

The Garden Museum has been a place with a combination of history and beauty. This garden was nurtured by Britain’s first great gardener, John Tradescant who was the head gardener to Charles 1. The Garden Museum consists of great botanical history, which was introduced by John Trandescent in 1978.

Lambeth is a place full of natural history and beauty for which the above-mentioned place is a clear example.